2020 Annual Conference

The 2020 Annual Conference was a virtual conference starting September 26th, with 11.5 CMEs available for those who participate.


Sean Gregory: CEO Peacehealth Medical Center- “Leadership Learnings Through and After COVID-19”

Dr. Greg Moneta- “Interpretation and implications of tibial artery

Rachel Kendoll- “Gen Z: They're Here………Now What?!?”

Dylan Merker- “Advanced approach to TCAR imaging with ultrasound”

Dr. Greg Moneta- “Implications of, and Improving Follow-Up of
Incomplete Lower Extremity Venous Duplex Ultrasounds Examinations

Bonnie Brown- “Temporal Arteritis – Internal Correlative Review”

Natalie Zimmerman- “Hemodialysis: complex case studies"

Brian Sapp- “Expansion of the VCSS to capture abdominal venous
pelvic pathology

Brian Sapp- “Considerations for improving diagnostic accuracy when
performing iliac vein Duplex”

Molly Baxter- “Vascular malformations and their treatment"

Michelle Sentman- “Hypothenar Hammer Syndrome: Ulnar Artery

Dr Wayne Nelson- "TCAR TransCarotid Artery Revascularization: The
clinically proven, less invasive way to protect against stroke "

Sara Skjonsberg- “Lower extremity venous reflux… more than meets
the eye”

Dr. Mary Costantino- “Utility of preoperative Duplex ultrasound to
improve operative success with CLTI patient”

Jill Sommerset- “Case based learning in complex CLTI patients
applying concepts of PAT”

Krislynn Barnhart- " The Neurovascular Specialist Examination: What
to expect"

Jodi Wise- “A review of popliteal entrapment syndrome"

Dr. Desarom Teso- “The value in AVF Duplex to pre plan for complex
AVF intervention”

Dr. Christopher Rubano- “Leading minds and following pathology of
the complex venous reflux patient, itemizing the essentials to be

Dr. Beejay Feliciano- “The value in pre-dialysis mapping and pre-
operative planning in AFV patients”

Jill Sommerset- “Advanced arterial Duplex in CLTI patients”
Leni Karr- “When and why we implement TCD to supplement the
carotid evaluation”

Steve Knight-"The Recent Consensus Statement on Doppler
Waveforms: What it is and what it isn't.”

Dr. Alejandro Perez- “Vascular testing; what referring providers are
really asking for”