2023 Conference Agenda

2023 Conference Agenda

The 2023 NWVT Annual Conference was held September 30th and October 1st, 2023 at Cedarbrook Lodge in Seattle, WA. 

Attendees were awarded 12 CMEs for their participation.  

Saturday September 30th

7:00-7:30- Registration and breakfast

7:30-7:45- Welcome - Sarah Brisson BS, RVT

7:45-8:15- Dr. Eugene Zierler MD, RPVI - Medical Ultrasound and the Vascular Laboratory (a partly personal history)

8:15-8:45- Janelle Barnes BS, RVT – Urgency of intervention in acute arterial thrombosis

8:45-9:15- Steve Knight BSc., RVT, RDCS, RDMS, FSVU – You ARE as old as your arteries

9:15-9:30- Dr. Brian Ferris, MD– Disease criteria of CFA disease; what’s missing?

9:30-9:45- Calli Nyholm BS, RVT- Pedal acceleration time; where we are now

Break 9:45 – 10:15

10:15-10:30- Sara Skjonsberg BS, RVT, RPhS – Venous insufficiency & the importance of valves

10:30-10:45- Sarah Brisson BS, RVT - Pelvic venous disease and the role of U/S

10:45-11:15- Dr. Kathleen Gibson, MD- Pelvic venous disease diagnosis and intervention

11:15-12:15- hands-on scanning session (pelvic venous, PAT)

Lunch 12:15-1:00

1:00-1:15- Dr. Eugene Zierler MD, RPVI – The IAC Classification of Internal Carotid Artery Disease

1:15-1:30- Breanna Gandy BS, RVT - Carotid body tumor: a case study review

1:30-1:45- Christine Bergan BS, RVT - Vertebral artery stent

1:45-2:00- Bonnie Brown BS, RVT, NVS - TCDI Fundamentals  

2:00-2:45- Dr. Ho MD, PhD, RPNI & Dr. Stayman, MD – The Many Facets of Cerebral Emboli

Break- 2:45-3:15

3:15-4:00- Q&A session: Ask the experts

4:00-4:15- Mei Henson BS, RVT – Venous malformations: Identifying the difference using ultrasound

4:15-4:45- Molly Baxter BS, RVT– Vascular malformations  

4:45-5:00- Steve Knight BSc., RVT, RDCS, RDMS, FSVU – Hemodialysis Access Evaluation: A Functional Approach

5:00-5:30- AME award

5:30-7:00- wine social

Sunday October 1st

7:00-7:30- breakfast

7:30-7:45- Matt Wager ARDMS (AB), RVT – Orders and chaos

7:45-8:00- Mary Farnham, ARNP – Arterial and venous wound care in advanced diseased patients

8:00-8:15- Dylan Merker BS, RVT- Vitamin K2 and its effect on calcium distribution

8:15-8:30- Dr. Tang, MD – Investigating lower extremity arterial disease beyond velocity ratio/visualized stenosis

8:30-8:45- Dr. Jonathan Ratcliff, MD - Plan of attack for bedside ultrasound guided thrombin injection of femoral artery pseudoaneurysms

8:45-9:00- Bonnie Brown BS, RVT, NVS – Cases that make you go hmmmm…

9:00-9:15- Daniela Curto BS, RVT– The challenges of identifying renal disease  

9:15-9:45- Krislynn Barnhart BS, RVT, NVS & Dr. Jin Chang, PhD – The physics of optimization 101

9:45-10:00- Break

10:00-10:45 Carolyn Coffin MPH, RDMS, RVT, RDCS - Ultrasound’s Evolution and the Ergonomics Challenges 

10:45-11:30 Pop quiz! Case study review

11:30-11:45- Matt Huff, RVT - Incidental findings on ultrasound

11:45-12:00 – Matt Wise BS, RVT– Identifying chronic venous obstruction vs acute thrombus; why it matters

12:00-12:15– Raffle and adjourn